Happy Holidays to all Evie’s Everest supporters

Thanks to all the amazing fundraising this year – Evie has developed significantly with funds raised paying for 6 weeks of intensive therapy and regular speech and physio therapies all year.

Evie is now walking with support from her Kaye frame (sometimes reluctantly but she’s doing really well with it!), and continues to make progress with her understanding and ability to communicate what she wants. She can crawl, pull up to stand, crawl up stairs without support, point to what she wants, all things she couldn’t do this time last year.

We have had multiple medical appointments this year, and Unfortunately testing to date has still resulted in no specific diagnosis – but Evie will be entered into a national research study called 100,000 genome test, which we are hopeful that one day, with scientific developments will give us some answers. Evie does get frustrated and upset often, due to her finding it hard to communicate, but we are hopeful that with further speech and language therapy, as well as her gross motor developments, in time, will help to reduce this. In the meantime, we just want Evie to have the best life she can possibly lead.

A massive thank you To Jackie knight and her sister Gina for their successful clothes sales in the lakes and at university. A huge amount of preparation and effort went into co-ordinating this event and it really paid off, with over £420 raised. 

Yorkshire building society colleagues have further supported our cause this week, with 13 people from London south branches cycling 150 miles on 21st December on static bikes, raising £610. Big thanks to Octavia, Dan, Sam, Obi, Mike, Steve, Amy, Adam, Kristie, Nathan, Barry, Emma and Michelle.

Finally, a huge thank you to Boxclever research who instead of sending Xmas cards to clients made another substantial donation to Evie’s Everest. What a thoughtful and fantastic thing to do.

 What a fantastic year it’s been looking back at all the events and support, kindness and generosity from family, friends, colleagues and supporters. We are truly humbled and forever grateful.

Adam, Rachel and Evie


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