Yorkshire’s Everest Conquered for Evie

How’s Evie doing?

Evie has been making some great progress with her new Kaye Walker (see pic) so we can now go for a walk in Roundhay park with her, which is fantastic! She really enjoys down-hills and can now take on a new perspective of life, being upright and a bit more independent rather than sat in her buggy.

To Evie’s delight, last week, we also bumped into Abby – one of the key workers from Nursery, so there were lots of smiles and claps, and her day made!

Yorkshire’s Everest: 3 Peaks Yorkshire Peaks Challenge Completed in 9 / 10 hours (depending on fit bit used/whether breaks are in fact, counted in the overall time or not!)

On Saturday 17th at 5.30am, 8 elite athletes (well more like regularly fit guys!) made the trip up to the Yorkshire Dales, to complete the 24.5 miles trek, up 5,200 feet – otherwise known as the 3 Yorkshire Peaks challenge.

We started at 7.15, finished around 5pm and it was a fantastic day, we couldn’t have had better conditions or a better group of lads to complete the challenge with.

A massive thanks to all who took part and those supporting the walk:

Jason Sutcliffe, Kevin Crouch, David Vernon, Jonathan Musto, Dave Bullcock, Chris Platt, Simon Gould, Steve Barron

Tremendous effort – we can’t thank you all enough.

The group raised over £2,100 and are still collecting sponsorship – here’s the link to the site if you want to donate.



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