Ice Cream, Swings and more Fundraising


Communication is so fundamental to the way we live that most of us take it for granted…for example, without it how would you…

  • Find your way to the right meeting room in an unfamiliar office?
    · Order what you want to eat at a restaurant?
    · Express that you don’t want/like something (e.g. the room is too hot)?

And if you couldn’t tell people these things, despite knowing what you wanted, how frustrated would you be?
Communication is a life skill that people continue to develop – and something that for Evie, particularly with speech, is not something that comes naturally to her.
However, following the last three week intensive therapy course, Evie is now pointing and doing some basic signing.
This is a transformative milestone for us as Evie can now make choices for herself. She can sign ‘food’ and then point to what food she wants (normally Weetabix, bananas or ice creams) and she can point to the garden swing, so we know what she likes doing in her down time. She can tell us if she wants to be held by mummy or daddy.
And without the fundraising efforts of supporters of Evie, I believe she wouldn’t be at the stage of development she now is.
We want Evie to continue to progress to live as normal a life as possible, which is why we are continuing to fundraise for another batch of intensive therapy later this year.

A few special thanks this week.

  • Kim Donkesley has completed the Harrogate 10k and raised over £450. What a fantastic achievement – thank you.
  • The team at Boxclever Research have made a substantial donation to Evie’s Everest appeal, we are really overwhelmed by the support and can’t thank you all enough.

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