Climbing Yorkshire’s Everest for Evie

A massive thanks to recent fundraisers for Evie’s Everest Appeal.

Tom Stevens – ran 50 miles round the north downs (yes, 50 – one marathon was not enough for Tom) and has raised over £1,100. We can’t thank you enough Tom.

Helen Sier, Hannah and Sharon’s Canal Trekked 17 miles today and raised over £500 – well done all and thanks so much for your support Helen, what would we do without friends like you?

Rachel Lerner and Steve Barron – swam the height of Everest, 8848 meters (70 laps per day for 5 days starting at 6am). Huge effort and Steve thanks so much for providing Rachel with even more motivation to complete the challenge.

Upcoming Event:

To continue to help Evie climbing her Everest, we are going to climb the Everest of Yorkshire; the 3 Yorkshire Peaks on 17th September!

The 3 peaks consist of climbing Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough covering a distance of 26.1 miles with nearly 5,249 ft of ascent and descent.

A challenge that many walkers aim for when undertaking the walk is to complete the walk in under 12 hours, though as Alfred Wainwright said “Some participants have chosen to regard the walk as a race, and this is to be greatly regretted, walking is a pleasure to be enjoyed in comfort!

We would love it if you could get involved either in taking part in the walk and fundraising or by supporting others who are taking part by donating via the links on this site.

We have at least 10 people taking part so far, and will have a support team in place on the day of the walk thanks to the Knight family.

So if you would like to take part and are free on the 17th September please get in touch on

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